Voip Provider in Cochin has been making workplace communication better, simpler and cheaper since 2003. We believe you deserve absolutely no limits on how much you can communicate.

Voip Provider in Cochin

Voip Provider in Cochin

Voip Provider in Cochin has been making workplace communication better, simpler and cheaper since 2003 – we believe you deserve absolutely no limits on how much you can communicate.

So jump on board with Unified Voice and grab all that you’ve been looking for: Unlimited Free Calls, the latest IP Phones, Business SMSs, Virtual Receptionists and more, all packed with our utmost care and guarantee.

We bring your office together, closer and well connected. We grant you the flexibility to communicate on the go!

Today Unified Voice Communication Voip Provider in Cochin has an impressive list of over 1000+ corporate clients spread across the country.

It’s been a constant endeavor of Voicecom always, to bring the latest technology to the market so as to offer its customers upcoming and innovative services and solutions in the telecom domain.

Unified Voice Communication Voip Provider in Cochin is a globally recognized VoIP service and solutions provider. It helps organizations to implement end-to-end IP Based solutions on varied technology platforms.

We are operational in India since year 2003 with an objective to cater to the upcoming needs of the emerging global telecom markets.

Mid Market & Enterprise Companies

Are you a successful busy businessman with long hours of work and countless problems to tackle? Cross of some of the problems – we’ll solve them for you!
We proudly bring to you an awesome new technology that is a game changer in the Telecom Sector. The benefits are many with absolutely no ill effects!

Benefits of Signing Up with us!

  • Roll Call – You need not check who is on the line busy and who is not, free and wasting time.
  • Freedom – You can work from anywhere or your good employers can be hired from anywhere without area constraints. Just internet is needed.
  • Productivity – Ban unwanted calls and free up your time to increase productivity
  • Oversight – – Performance Monitors can hint when you need to hire more people or how much calls you receive at what time of day so you can be better prepared to meet demands and fulfil expectations.

Business Applications of our Services:

Improve Internal Communications

Internal communication helps build employee engagement and commitment. It keeps everyone informed of the ongoing processes and their progresses. You can stay in touch always

How can VOIP improve Internal Communications?

  • Executives can use VOIP Broadcast Facilities to announce News about the organization, important change of plans, appointments, meetings or investment programs. They can also use this to broadcast sales wins and motivate employees.
  • Executives can also use VOIPs multimedia features to communicate through emails, voice messages and videos to make more impact in a less boring way. Simple commands can be texted and work related videos can be shared with employees easily.
  • Even inside the department, Team Leaders and Managers can set up small groups that are continuously updated with the regular status of the work project. They can use it to discuss team projects and relevant issues.

Increase your Telesales

VOIP can be easily integrated with apps. This can be very useful in developing your customer relations and telesales. You can link your phone systems with a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system like Salesforce to give agents access to your customer’s preferences. You can also set up call monitoring and recording for supervising you telesales operations.

VOIP can reach any location – so you can supplement on your in-house team by hiring talented individuals from across the world.

Improve Field Operations

Your company’s sales team can utilize VOIP to utilise the capabilities of their smartphone.

  • They can hold conference calls to discuss the onsite situation to their superiors, free of cost.
  • They can get updates of delivery
  • They can easily access customer records and mailing lists
  • They can easily share and download presentations and other brochures.
  • Urgent files can be transferred instantly without any additional apps.

Thus VOIP helps increase the productivity of your field sales team by helping them maintain an efficient sales flow. You can also connect with them better. Instead of onsite meetings, you can reduce travel costs and save time by communicating with VOIP.

Enhance your Customer Relationship

When customers contact you for support, they come to you expecting a solution. A warm welcome and an exhibit of good solid rapport is the first step in satisfying your customers. The Presence and the Follow Me functions of VOIP are immensely useful in customer care. It makes it easy for the support technicians to reach for the product specifications the customer is talking about. They can also easily contact other experts for more detailed information to resolve an issue. Conference calls can also be used to discuss any estimates with the customer on phone. Advanced Call Routing features also help the company plan intelligently on how to distribute calls to avoid phone tags and to provide the quickest possible support for the customer without making them wait unnecessarily.

Efficient customer communication helps the Customer Care Executives complete work better in their first time. This in turn means faster problem solving for customers and reducing the need for repeated calls.

Better Project Management

Initiatives like Project Management and Organizational Change can be tough to tackle. With VOIP, the team can come together and share information easily, contributing to the faster completion and better management of the situations.

  • Team members can share their thoughts from their smartphone, laptop or desktop, whichever is convenient
  • Team members can communicate easily with the unified messaging portal to maintain the project momentum.
  • VOIP can integrate with your calendar application to simplify planning. Teams can share and access project data using VOIP’s networking capability.

Also, each item a new employee is added, moved or changed, an organization incurs a cost on communication and re-organization to allot a new ID for the user. VOIP can help cut down significantly on these charges through automatic reconfiguration.

Connect your Branches

  • Since the calls are free, you can discuss at length about the sales, business plans or marketing initiatives to any manager at any location totally free of cost.
  • Meetings can be held at a very short notice online.
  • You can also use the same Data Network of the VOIP to set up reporting procedures for the branches to submit stock and sales information.

International Support

VOIP services are rapidly developing throughout the world. The long distance is no more a hurdle to your business dreams.

With VOIP, you can very quickly set up communication in new territories without the need for building up new infrastructure. You can reduce travel and communication costs by using VOIP services to connect with the internal clients.

We are rock solid and have the experience to lend you a helping hand. Schedule an appointment with us and

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